Welcome to Blue Rock Acres

Nestled in the beautiful Kittitas valley, we here at the Blue Rock Acres facility have been growing quality marijuana as a Washington I-502 company since December, 2014. Since then, we have evolved from a small family farm to a group of like-minded agricultural professionals utilizing over twenty-five years of growing experience. Employing an indoor grow and organic pesticide methods, we treat every plant like it’s our baby. Our final product reflects that love. From our home to the comfort of yours, welcome to Blue Rock Acres.

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Every step of our growing and harvesting process has the plant in mind. Rather than using heavy chemical pesticides, we primarily use the natural alternative: ladybugs. We ensure each plant reaches maximum potential using low stress training and trimming techniques. After harvest, we dress each bud up like they’re going to prom, packaging it away and saying goodbye. For retailers and processors, our current selection is available on this website via password protection. Orders and inquiries can be sent to staff@bluerockacres.net, or feel free to call us at (509)962-1235.